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Release note 19.6

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This version of the release note gives you a functional content of the Sips 19R6 release.

The chapter “New additions in the Sips Solution for merchants” lists the new functionalities added to our offer.

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Deliveries in production : from the 4th of November until the 15th of November 2019.

New functionalities of the Sips solution for merchants

Acceptance of ANCV Chèque-Vacances Connect (CVCo) and Lydia means of payment

As part of the acceptance of increasingly numerous means of payment, WL Sips now integrates the ANCV Chèque-Vacances Connect means of payment (CVCo, prepaid means of payment with CB supplement) and and the Lydia means of payment (via mobile application). These means of payment are available via Sips Paypage and Sips Office. The transaction information for these means of payment is included in the Transactions report and the Operations report.


SafeDebit Securing for SDD payments

We implement the guarantee of payment for the Sepa Direct Debit means of payment through the SafeDebit solution. The SafeDebit securing solution allows you to guarantee the BtoC type Sepa Direct Debit withdrawals. This applies to all due dates, not just to the first withdrawal.

To benefit from this option, a contractual agreement with SSP (Score & Secure Payment) is required.

You may find more information about SafeDebit in our SDD integration guide.

New path for the 3-4xCB Franfinance means of payment


All customers using the 3x or 4x CB Franfinance means of payment will benefit from a new buying experience in the near future (Franfinance-driven progressive activation). Indeed, in order to simplify the payment process, the customers will enter their card data on the same page as their personal information. If the transaction is accepted, the ticket will still offer to download the contract.

This evolution does not imply any change of integration at your level if you already offer this means of payment.

Our new “Authentication-only” solution

As of our 19R6 release, you can send your authentication requests or authorisation requests to a PSP other than WL Sips, via the new version of the Sips Office connector. Two use cases are possible:

  • You send your authentication request to WL Sips, in return you receive the 3-D Secure technical data. Then, you send your authorization request to another PSP with the 3-D Secure technical data in order to benefit from the payment guarantee;


  • You send your authentication request to another PSP that can return the 3-D Secure technical data to you. Then, you send your authorisation request to WL Sips with 3-D Secure technical data in order to benefit from the payment guarantee.

Currently the logo displayed for the SDD payment method is not the official logo. As of release 19R6 the official logo will be displayed.

Current logo :


Will be replaced by the official logo :


Online documentation

Addition of a 3-D Secure guide

A guide explaining how to implement 3-D Secure via each of the connectors is available on our documentation site.

This guide also discusses the differences between 3-D Secure v1 and 3-D Secure v2 and the changes you have to make.

Provision of sample reports

You can now download sample reports from our documentation website. They are available in the Reports description documentation.

Corrective maintenance

Ref. Appli. Defect type Summary Priority
2642 Paypage Technical In order to allow several payments to be made simultaneously on different tabs of a same browser, a technical identifier specific to each instance has been added. The different instances are now addressed independently of one other. Critical
38817 Cash management Functional WL Sips improves its response when several cash management operations acre created simultaneously on the same transaction. Until now, only one cash transaction was saved in the database and the other transactions were not included. Now, the first transaction is processed and a responseCode 24 (operation not authorised) is returned in response to other operations that would be performed simultaneously. Critical
39530 Paypage Technical A waiting message is displayed during the payment process to avoid having the web user to repeatedly clicking on the “validate” button or doing a back or a refresh of the page… and so to avoid duplicate transactions in the database. Major

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