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Release note 19.4

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This version of the release note gives you a functional content of the Sips 19R4 release. It is separated in two parts:

  • new additions in the Sips Solution : are listed the modifications of new functionalities added to our offer;
  • regulatory changes

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Deliveries in production : from the 26st of July 2019 until the 6th of September 2019

New functionalities of the Sips solution for merchants

Addition of BCACB_3X and BCACB_4X means of payment

With this Release, we implement, on Sips Paypage 2.0 only, the new Casino Group Bank means of payment in instalments (BCACB_3X and BCACB_4X).

At the end of a payment of this type, you will be credited with the global amount and your customer will be debited in 3 or 4 times (depending on the means of payment chosen).


New life cycle of Cetelem Presto transactions

This new functionality announced in the 19R2 release note will be activated during the summer.

A Presto transaction accepted without an imprit will now be assigned with the “TO_CONFIRM_SETTLEMENT” status while waiting for the final decision of Cetelem.

The status of the file will be checked daily at around 21h15 CET (for a maximum of 90 days) to evolve to a final “CAPTURED” or “REFUSED” status. The Cetelem decision will be communicated directly to you through the Sips reports.

This new method makes it possible to make the cancellation operation available to the merchant, as long as the transaction is in the “TO_CONFIRM_SETTLEMENT” status.

In addition, 6 existing fields become mandatory to enrich the pre-information form proposed by Cetelem and facilitate the input of the customer:

  • first name
  • birth name
  • billing address
  • billing city
  • billing postal code
  • E-mail address

The novelties of the Aurore card

The Cetelem Aurore card changes its name and is now called Cetelem Cpay card.

In addition, in order to comply with the DSP2 regulations, BNP Paribas Personal Finance adds a strong authentication system for payments made with the Cpay card. As of September 2019, Aurore card holders will have to authenticate themselves, otherwise their payment will be refused.


Resend of the automatic response

As a follow-up to what was announced in our Release Note 18R2 on this topic, the option to retransmit the sending of the automatic reply also applies when our payment server recovers in return a http code corresponding to a TIMED_OUT (in addition to the FAILED values). For more information on the functioning of the automatic answer, please consult our Set-up guide.

New « cut-off » functionality for the global reports

If you benefit from global reports (transactions and / or transactions), a new “cut-off” feature can be set: it allows to take into account only transactions (or operations) within a 24-hour period (for example between 18h on the D day and 18h the next day). To take advantage of this feature, please refer to your usual contact by indicating the desired time in the HHMM format (eg 1800).

Sakefey becomes mandatory for any AMEX internet contract

In order to comply with the new 3DS 2.0 regulations, American Express wishes to make Safekey mandatory for all American Express contracts using the Internet as order channel. From now on, the activation of Safekey is carried out automatically as soon as an American Express contract of VADS type (sale byInternet) is set up at the level of your webshop.

Regulatory developments

Application of “Repli VADS” (or Soft Decline)

As part of the RTS-SCA regulation, Sips incorporates the new “A1” acquirer response code corresponding to the “Repli VADS” (also called “Soft Decline”) for CB, Visa and Mastercard payment methods in France. The “A1” acquirer code will be associated with the “05” Sips response code. If this code is received, it will be necessary to replay the authorisation request with the 3-D Secure authentication information.

3-D Secure v2 authentication

Sips has obtained the EMVco 2.1 certification to apply the 3-D Secure v2 authentication. A new guide to help you with the use of 3DS v2 will soon be available on our online documentation site https://documentation.sips.worldline.com/en/.

Two authentication modes are now possible:

  • challenge: equivalent to 3-D Secure 1.0, with card holder authentication;
  • frictionless: no authentication necessary according to the issuer’s opinion (with transfer of responsibility).

To limit your impacts in a general way, Sips has kept the same interfaces (fields and values) as those currently used for 3-D Secure 1.0.

Thus two approaches are possible:

  • transparent approach*: this is the default approach that does not require any change for you;
  • approach to promote Frictionless: this is the approach if you are ready to make Sips connector integration changes to fill in the payment request optional fields recommended by the network CB, Visa or Mastercard and thus favor obtaining Frictionless.

The activation of your shop to the 3-D Secure 2.0 DS CB programme is carried out by setting the configuration of your Sips webshop. We will come back to you for this activation.

subject to Visa

Corrective maintenance

Ref. Appli. Defect type Summary Priority
37491 Sips Office Extranet Functional Optimisation of the search by orderId in Sips Office Extranet. Major
39869 Reporting Functional Fix of the responseCode and acquirerResponseCode returned for PayPal transactions in the reports. Critic

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