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Release note 19.3

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  • Client-Side Encryption
  • CustomPages

The release note gives you a functional content of the Sips 19R3 release. It is separated in two parts:

  • new additions in the Sips Solution : are listed the modifications of new functionalities added to our offer;
  • regulatory changes

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Deliveries in production : 8st of July 2019 until 19th of July 2019

New functionalities of the Sips solution for merchants

Addition of BCACB_3X and BCACB_4X means of payment [Postponed to 19R4]

With the Release, we implement, on Sips Paypage 2.0 only, the new Casino Group Bank means of payment in instalments (BCACB_3X and BCACB_4X).

At the end of a payment of this type, you will be credited with the global amount and your customer will be debited in 3 or 4 times (depending on the means of payment chosen).


New connection method: Client-Side Encryption

We now propose to integrate Sips via a Client-Side Encryption (CSE) mode. This method of integration with Client-Side Encryption allows you to display your own payment pages without accessing the sensitive data of the cardholder, and therefore reduce your PCI DSS constraints.

The encryption of the card number and of the security code is done through the customer’s browser. In order to do this, you must integrate in your payment form a javascript library developed by us. Encryption is performed with a dedicated key for this purpose.

The 3-D Secure payment is also available using this integration mode.

For more information, a new integration guide will be soon available.


Improvement of the CustomPages tool

The simple mode becomes compatible with the expert mode

With the 19R3 release, you may quickly start the customisation of your payment pages using the simple mode, and then improve this customisation using the expert mode.

Giving your feedback about the tool

You may now rate the tool and suggest your improvement ideas to make it easier to use.


Regulatory changes

This release doesn’t contain any regulatory changes.

Corrective maintenance

Ref. Appli. Defect Type Summary Priority
37868 M2M Functional The information related to the fraud controls was no longer contained in the manual response. Major
38193 Paypage Functional Added control at the process timeout. Critical
38771 InApp Functional The InApp order channel is not accepted when paying via Paypage and must return a responseCode 12 (Invalid transaction, check the parameters transferred in the request) and not a responseCode 99 (Internal error). Minor
39389 Paypage Functional Corrective set up so that the field giving the domiciliation of the bank is correctly informed. Critical
39728 Sips Office Batch Regression Fix so that the control of the oderId field is correctly done. Critical

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