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Release note 19.1

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  • Paylib
  • 3-D Secure v2

Production planning
From January 14th 2019 until February 1st 2019

New features for merchants

The new features added to the Sips 2.0 platform impact:

  • payment means
  • regulation
  • production

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Means of payment

Sips integrates the WL-OPA payment solution

The iDeal, Giropay and Paytrail means of payment will now be operated by the Worldline Online Payment Acceptance solution (WL-OPA).

This solution allows us to now offer the iDeal means of payment in collecting mode and make the associated reimbursement and reconciliation processes more reliable.

As a result, you will no longer be required to have a Dutch bank account, but you will need to sign an acquisition contract with WL-OPA. Indeed, your existing bank account can be used for your iDeal business as for your other means of payment, WL-OPA operating regular transfers to this account.

The Giropay means of payment is also proposed in collecting mode. The Paytrail solution remains in distributing mode.

The OneClick Paylib extends to the Sips Office interface

You may now make available to your customers the OneClick Paylib functionality in M2M mode.

The Sips Office interface is enriched with 3 new methods to allow you to enroll and reuse you client’s Paylib account.

The OneClick Paylib payment process offers two different paths depending on the issuer:

  • either the customer receives a unique password via SMS to be entered on their payment page
  • or they authenticate themselves through the mobile application of their bank

Your customer no longer needs to memorize their Paylib credentials, their payment path is simplified.


3-D Secure V2 (3DSV2)

The forthcoming implementation of the new rules of the second European directive on payment services (DSP2) will soon force you, as French merchants, to implement strong authentication solutions on all your e-Commerce flows. Currently, 3-D Secure authentication is the most popular solution to meet this need.

3DSV2 in a few words:

  • New common protocol (CB, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, …) free of rights, managed & certified by EMVCo (EMVCo is a member-owned technical organisation that owns, enhances and promotes EMV specifications).
  • Allows 2 authentication modes:
  • The “challenge” mode equivalent to the current 3-D Secure strong authentication.
  • The “frictionless” mode where strong authentication is not mandatory; the choice to execute or not the 3-D Secure authentication is under the responsibility of the card issuer that relies on the implementation of a dedicated fraud scoring; the merchant can also interact to indicate to the issuer whether they want strong authentication or not.

Developments are continuing to firstly offer the 3-D Secure V2 on Paypage and M2M for a cobranded CB / Visa or CB / MasterCard cardholder with an eligible BIN on the CB network.

Subsequent communication will be transmitted prior to deployment in production.

MIF compatibility for LCL aquirer

As part of the addition of features and regulatory changes, the GIE Credit Card has proposed a new version of the CB2A protocol, version 1.5.0. This version allows among other things to convey the additional information specific to the choice of the brand (MIF - Selection of the brand). From 23rd October 2018, and if your acquirer is LCL, you have the opportunity to apply this European regulation on your payment pages.


Redirection following an expiration of the session

During a purchase, the user has a limited time to complete and validate their payment form. Once this time is over, any action by the user will redirect them to your merchant site with a response code 97 (time frame exceeded, transaction declined).

This way you keep control of your customer’s purchasing process, with the possibility of offering a new payment attempt. The user experience is also improved.

Note that the redirection will not be applied after session expiration on the ticket page; in this case the result of the payment will be indicated via the automatic response of the transaction.

Addition in the secret key management

You will have the possibility through our new interface Sips Download via MEX to schedule the automatic deactivation of your secret key within 10 days (by default) after generating a new key (becoming the active key), for example following an expiry. You have the option to accept and change the period after which the key is deactivated, or to decline this automatic deactivation.

Screen when programming a deactivation of a key after generating a new one:




Manual deactivation of a key is still possible via your Sips Download area.

### Modifying the name of the shop indicated in the 3-D Secure authentication page

By default, the name of the merchant displayed on the 3-D Secure strong authentication page is the name of your shop indicated during the Sips registration, without spaces.

If you wish, you may modify the name displayed on the 3-D Secure strong authentication page by using the “merchantName” field (AN25 format) in the payment request.

This modification was already available with the Sips Office connector and with the 19R1 release will be possible with the Paypage connector. For the InApp and WalletPage connectors, you will have to wait until the 19R2 release.

Summary of Sips functionalities and price
Functionality Deployment Price
Refund and credit holder for Bancontact [postponed] Activated by default Free
Sips integrates the WL-OPA payment solution Deployment in project mode needed On quotation
The OneClick Paylib extends to the Sips Office interface Deployment in project mode needed Free
Redirection following an expiration of the session Activated by default Free
Addition in the secret key management Activated by default in our new Sips Download interface (Sips Download via MEX) Free on Sips Download via MEX
Modifying the name of the shop indicated in the 3-D Secure authentication page Activated by default Free

Corrective maintenance

Ref. Appli. Defect Type Summary Priority
35025 Paypage Functional Do not propose the addition of a means of payment when the wallet has reached its limit in number authorised to be registered. Major
35516 Paypage Functional The validation of Luhn key fails according to the length of the PAN. This length check is therefore deleted, as it is already done by another service. Trivial
35608 Settlement Functional Upgrade of return codes when retrying sending a Paypal transaction in remittance. Major
36027 Office Server / Paypage Configuration Lengthening the acquirer call period for the Bancontact means of payment and thus reduce transactions declined by Sips with a response code 99 (timeout). Blocker
36809 Paypage / Wallet Regression When saving a card in the wallet, allow the addition of a space in the card’s name field. Minor

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