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Release note 18.4

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  • Bancontact Mobile
  • CACF
  • Reports

Production planning
From October 15th 2018 until November 9th 2018

New features for merchants

The new features added to the Sips 2.0 platform impact:

  • Payment means
  • Regulation
  • Production

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Redirection after a Bancontact mobile payment

In order to streamline the user experience in the context of a Bancontact transaction via mobile, we are enriching our M2M connector with two new optional fields to send us your return URLs:

• in cases where the payment request has not been made (for example: failure to validate the identification code)

• after the response to the payment request (for example: payment accepted or refused)

These data will be processed by the Bancontact mobile application to redirect the buyer to your merchant site at the end of the kinematics. This new method prevents the user from manually switching from one application to another.

Addition of CACF payement means (Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance)

With the 18R4 release, the credit payment in several times CACF_3X and CACF_4X will be available.

At the end of a payment of this type, you will be credited with the amount in one time and your client will be debited in 3 or 4 times (according to the mean of payment chosen).

Additional information in the reconciliation reports for SDD transactions

In the reconciliation reports, the field “remittanceNumber” exists and is filled in for card-type transactions, but is not indicated for SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) and SCT transactions (SEPA Credit Transfer).

This information is useful for you to associate a settlement and a transaction more easily. This is the SDD settlement number which appears in the label of the account statement.

With this release, this field can therefore be filled in for SDD and SCT type transactions.

Paylib becomes eligible for OneClick on Paypage

You’ll have the option to make the OneClick Paylib feature available to your customers to simplify their online payment journey.

Thus, Sips will offer the buyer to register his Paylib account within his secure virtual wallet.

Following enrollment, the OneClick Paylib cinematic will offer 2 different routes depending on the issuer:

  • either the buyer will receive a unique password by SMS to enter on the payment page;
  • either he will authenticate himself through the mobile application of his bank.

The buyer will no longer need to memorize his Paylib credentials.


MIF conformity - « Honor all cards »

We continue to implement MIF requirements.

On this release, we implement the MIF requirement called “Honor all cards”, which is to give you the ability to filter:

• the brands of your choice, among [CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, ELECTRON, VPAY, MAESTRO]. For example, you can ban VPAY, Electron, Maestro cards

• the typology of accepted cards, also called “the use of cards” by VISA and MASTERCARD schemes. This filtering can be done on prepaid cards, commercial cards, debit or credit cards.

This requirement is not deployed for the moment in production. Subsequent communication will be forwarded prior to deployment.

MPADS conformity (Secure Remote Payment Manual)

We continue to implement the MPADS requirements expected by the GIE CB. These requirements will be deployed in production after certification, at the request of the acquirer or yourself. Subsequent communication will be forwarded prior to deployment.

Hiding acquirer response codes

To be in conformity with MPADS, we reduce the perimeter of the buyer codes returned in the payment responses. The following codes will no longer be returned, and will be replaced by a 05 code :

  • Code 13 - invalid amount
  • Code 14 - invalid card number
  • Code 34 - suspected fraud
  • Code 41 - lost card
  • Code 43 - stolen card
  • Code 51 - no sufficient funds or credit exceeds
  • Code 56 - no card record
  • Code 57 - transaction not permitted to cardholder
  • Code 58 - transaction not permitted to terminal
  • Code 59 - suspected fraud
Reversal request

We implement the reversal request. The purpose of this protocol message is to reverse the limit of the card in certain cases of refusals defined by the MPADS (timeout, acquirer response code 08, acquirer response code 10) as well as in the case where the payment transaction is abandoned or canceled (before settlement).

To operate, the reversal of the card limit in case of an error has to be supported by the acquirer.

Checking the expiry date of the card on a refund

In order to comply with the MPADS requirements, we will only allow the refund of a CB / VISA / MASTERCARD transaction if the expiry date of the card is still valid.

New VISA Claims Resolution (VCR)

As of April 2018, VISA is proposing a new system for resolving disputes, called “Visa Claims Resolution”, which introduces, among other novelties, a new nomenclature of unpaid reason codes, and ultimately gives more precision on the reason for unpaid bills.

If you receive the chargebacks report and your acquirer is compatible with this new system (as per now, Société Générale and LCL), you may receive these new unpaid reasons on simple request.

They will appear in the format version TAB20_V6 of the chargebacks report.


Statistical dashboard in Sips Office Extranet

Sips Office Extranet will offer as an option (via a subscription formula) a statistical dashboard of your activity. This dashboard will allow you to configure your widget page and to consult the following statistics:

  • estimated turnover
  • real turnover
  • estimated turnover per hour
  • actual turnover per hour
  • number of transactions created
  • distribution of means of payment
  • distribution of statuses
  • accepted transactions
  • number of unpaid bills
  • amount of unpaid bills
  • amount of unpaid bills per hour
  • fraud analysis



Corrective maintenance

Ref. Appli. Defect Type Summary Priority
32340 Back Office Functional When an American Express contract is changed, the old contract must be cleared from the database (at the settlement level). Critical
32588 Office Functional If a validation is performed on a transaction whose capture time has expired, then the status of the transaction must change to “EXPIRED” with a response code 24 returned. Major
35117 Custompage N/A When the session of the expert mode of Custompages has expired, the user must be redirected to the MEX login page. Critical
35237 Paypage Functional Prevent abnormal behavior of payment kinematics if the user does a double click on the payment method Paypal. Trivial
35382 Paypage Regression Prevent sending two responses after sending a responseCode = 94 in the automatic response when a transaction duplicate occurs. Trivial

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