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Release note 18.3

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  • Visa Checkout
  • Reports

Production planning
From August 27th 2018 until September 21st 2018

New features for merchants

The new features added to the Sips 2.0 platform impact:

  • Payment means
  • Regulation
  • Production

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Payment means

Adding Visa Checkout payment

Visa Checkout payment is now available on the Sips 2.0 platform on Sips Paypages, Office server and Sips In-App solutions. Available worldwide, Visa Checkout is a new Visa-based Wallet solution that allows customers to complete e-commerce transactions without having to enter the card number each time a payment is made.

Visa Checkout covers the following card schemes:

  • Visa (including CB+Visa cobranded cards)
  • Mastercard (including CB+Mastercard cobranded cards)
  • American Express


New reconciliation report format

If you propose several different means of payment, it is likely that the accuracy of the amounts, present in the reconciliation files, is dependent on the acquirer.

The release 18R3 adds a new format of the reconciliation report (TAB20_V10), which standardizes the accuracy of the amounts whatever the acquirer. To benefit from this, you can contact your account support manager.

CM-CIC accreditation

As part of the addition of features and regulatory changes, the GIE Credit Card has proposed a new version of the CB2A protocol, version 1.5.0. This version allows among other things to convey the additional information specific to the choice of the brand (MIF - Selection of the brand). This accreditation is in progress. If the test phase is conclusive, this accreditation will be effective week 28. So, from this date and if your acquirer is CM-CIC, you will have the opportunity to apply this European regulation on your payment pages.


Management of secret key renewal

In order to comply with PCI DSS, secret keys must be renewed every 2 years.

An alerting system will be set up to warn you when your secret key expires soon and to allow you to renew it via our Sips Download interface. This alerting will be done by sending 3 informative mails set by default to 90 days, 45 days and 20 days before the expiry date of the key.

The implementation of this new management of the secret key will result in the deletion of the validation step that had to be performed by our level 1 support during the generation or deletion of a secret key.

You become autonomous in the management of your keys by validating the actions yourself, while assuming the responsibility.

Online documentation access

In order to facilitate access and consultation, the latest version of the product documentation will soon be available online.

You will be informed in due time of the opening of the site by your account manager.


Corrective maintenance

Réf Appli. Type of anomaly Summary Priority
21594 Merchant management functional Make sure that the deactivation of the 3D Secure on a means of payment does not entail the deactivation of 3D Secure on another means of payment Critical
33193 Manual / automatic response functional The “holderContactEmail” field was not valued in the interface version 2.20 Critical
33665 Réponse automatique functional Fixed et the automatic response return when “retrySendAutomaticResp” option is enabled Critical

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