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Release note 18.2

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Production planning
From May 14th 2018 until June 8th 2018

New features for merchants

The new features added to the Sips 2.0 platform impact:

  • Payment means
  • Regulation
  • Production

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Payment means

Cobadged cards

When adding a cobadged card to the Sips wallet (via the addCard method), it is now possible to indicate the chosen brand. This evolution is not related to the subject “MIF-Selection of the brand”, but it makes it possible to direct the customer on the kinematics of payment of the chosen brand, during the subsequent payments.

For example, by adding a Oney / Visa cobadged card to the wallet of a buyer, you can indicate that it is a Oney card, so that subsequent payments made by the buyer with that same card follow an Oney payment’s kinematic.

Bancontact payment mean
Reference of the purchase for Bancontact card payments

For Bancontact card payments, it is now possible to define the reference of the purchase of your customer that will be displayed on his bank statement by filling in the orderId field.

Change in the life cycle of Bancontact transactions

A new transaction life cycle has been set up during a Bancontact payment to introduce two new statuses: “TO_CAPTURE” and “CAPTURE_REFUSED”.

If the remittance sending fails after a successful authorization request, the transaction’s statuts changes to “TO_CAPTURE”. A new attempt will be made the next day and up to twice (1 attempt per day). If the two new attempts fail, then the status of the transaction will change to “CAPTURE_REFUSED” and the merchant will know that the remittance failed.

Life cycle of a Bancontact transaction :</u>


Adding card logos on Paypage et Walletpage

In order to comply with VISA requirements, Sips now displays payment method logos next to the cards on the Paypage and Walletpage pages.

Display on Paypages :


Display on Walletpage in case of a modification of the payment mean:


Display on Walletpage in case of a delete of the payment mean:


Addition of new prepaid payment means

In addition to the eChèque Vacances payment mean already available, Sips now accepts the following prepaid payment mean :


Paypal payment mean
Chargebacks report enriched

The chargebacks report is enriched by unpaid payments on Paypal transactions. If you already receive this file, accept Paypal payments and you already receive Paypal reconciliation reports, you automatically benefit from this evolution. Therefore, as of release 18R2, your file may also contain Paypal chargebacks.

Retrieval of the Paypal account email address of the buyer

In order to give you the possibility to contact the owner of the Paypal account following a payment made via Sips Paypage, the email address associated with the Paypal account will be returned in the automatic answer and the manual answer.

This data will be contained in the holderContactemail field. It will not be returned in the reports.

No connector change is needed; the new version to use is the “2.20”.

Optimizing Paylib kinematics with Sips Office

On the Sips Office connector, the initialization of a Paylib transaction is redesigned to improve the user experience if the Paylib server is unavailable. The error is returned from the call to the initialization method, before redirection of the buyer. You can therefore offer your customer another payment method.


MPADS (Secure Remote Payment Manual) Compliance

We are continuing to implement the MPADS requirements expected by the GIE CB.

On this release, we apply the requirements linked to the return of information to the buyer in the event of cancellation and refund of a transaction.

Other requirements of the MPADS continue to be implemented on future releases.

Statistics « MIF – Brand selection »

As part of the deployment of the project “MIF - Selection of the card”, we are able to provide different statistics on the chosen brand and the selection of buyers. Do not hesitate to contact your Account Support Manager who will offer you sample of statistics.

Enhanced security for tokenization

Exchanges between the Sips server and the tokenization server exploit a new hashing algorithm (SHA-512). The access to the tokens’ chests is a highly secure sensitive action that catches our vigilance. This evolution is driven by the PCI DSS standards.


Registration’s workflow

We are improving our Sips 2.0 sign-up and change workflow. As of release 18R2, a setup change in an existing shop or the registration of a new shop will be effective at the activation window that follows the entry on the merchant extranet. The 3 activation slots will be 13:30, 17:30 and 20:30 (CET).

Automatic responses

In order to improve the reception rate of automatic responses on your server, if it is punctually out of order, we resend up to 4 times the message. This is reissued when the payment server retrieves from the sending an http code that is not part of the following list [200, 201, 204, 205, 301, 302, 408, 504].

In-App connector

The In-App SDK is enriched with a deletePaymentMean method allowing you to delete a payment method in a wallet.

In addition, each new version of the SDK is now downloadable from Sips Download.

Corrective maintenance

Réf Appli. Defect Type Summary Priority
27433 Office Extranet Functional If a transaction that has been rejected by a fraud control is duplicated, the new transaction created must be rejected and inserted in the database so the merchant can obtain the response and consult it in the extranet. Major
28630 CustomPage Via Merchant Extranet Functional Fix of a problem of color or logo loading in simplified mode in the CustomPage tool via the Merchant Extranet when used with Internet Explorer. Critical
30072 Paypage Functional Review of the Paypage home page to more cleanly handle cases of duplicate transactions and existing session cases. Major
30234 Paypage Functional Adding a new check during a Bancontact payment to ensure that there is a notification per transaction and that the user is redirected correctly. Critical
20348 Paypage / Office Functional Review of the response code mapping during a native acquirer response code 60 in case of a payment by credit card. Major
30606 Paypage / Office Regression Review of the response code mapping during an acquirer response code 02 in case of an AMEX payment. Major
30933 Fraud Regression Correction at the IP address fraud control level. Major
30946 CustomPage Via Merchant Extranet Integration Addition a pop-up listing all the files that will be delivered in production when the merchant clicks on the “Go Live” button in the advanced mode of the CustomPage tool via the Merchant Extranet. Major
31194 Paypage / Office Regression Review and evolution of the mapping of acquirer response code Cofidis. Critical

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