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Release note 18.1

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  • Oney
  • Sofort
  • Fraud

Production planning
From January 22nd 2018 until February 23rd 2018

New features for merchants

The new features added to the Sips 2.0 platform impact:

  • Payment means
  • Fraud
  • Regulation
  • Production

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Payment means

Retrieving the number of trials performed during a payment

In order to have a complete view of the characteristics of a transaction, we enrich the getTransactionData method of the paymentAttemptNumber field informing you of the number of trials performed during a payment.

Evolution of the Oney ticket during a OneClick payment

In case of an accepted OneClick transaction, the Oney payment method ticket is enriched with the following information:

  • Payment choice
  • Authorization number
  • Ticket number


« Cancel » button on the payment method selection page

On the Sips Paypage 2.0 interface, we implement a “CANCEL” button on the page of the choice of payment method. This is to avoid the buyer to return to the previous page using the “back” arrow of the browser (generating an error page). By clicking on the button, the buyer returns to the page of your website, which allows him to make the desired change before returning to the purchase tunnel and finalize his payment.

Thus the buyer does not necessarily abandon his purchase, and on your side it allows you to increase your conversion rate.

Functionally, when the buyer clicks on the “CANCEL” button at the page of the choice of payment method, Sips sends a manual response and an automatic response with a response_code = 17. The transaction is not created in database.


Adding currencies for BCC and AMEX contracts

The following currencies have been added and are available for BCC (Belgian) and American Express acquirers:

  • Romanian leu roumain (RON)
  • Bulgarian lev (BGN)
  • Croatian kuna (HRK)
  • Serbian dinar (RSD)
  • Israeli shekel (ILS)
  • Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Sofort logo modification

In order to be in compliance following the modifications of the Sofort brand, the logo will be modified. This modification of the Sofortüberweisung payment method logo will be applied to the pages displayed to cardholders and merchants. The new logo will appear on the following Sips applications:

  • SOE (Sips Office Extranet) pages
  • Paypage 2.0 pages
  • Payment 1.0 pages
  • Merchant Extranet
  • Webtesting

Previous logo :


New logo :


Purchase Reference Displayed on Customer’s Bank Statements

You can already define the reference of your client’s purchase which will be displayed on his bank statement through the field statementRefence. As of release 18R1, you can also define this reference for credit holder transactions (creditHolder and walletCreditHolder methods). This feature is available if your acquirer supports it.


Addition of the « basket » fields to the walletOrder and directDebitOrder methods

The walletOrder and directDebitOrder methods available through the Sips Office interface (SOAP and JSON connectors) are supplemented with the input parameters “ShoppingCartDetail”.

This shopping cart information makes it possible to use the anti-fraud rules that analyze the customer’s purchases.


MPADS (Manual of Secured Remote Payment)

On this release, is implemented some of the MPADS requirements expected by the GIE CB:

  • requirements related to information feedback to the buyer on the s ticket sent by mail/sm (card product, audit number,…)
  • requirements for information feedback in connection with the request for information (information message to the customer and inquiry indicator to the merchant)
  • requirements for the masked PAN display format (new format = ############9999).

Other MPADS requirements will be implemented on future releases.


Information feedback during an error initializing a transaction

This evolution allows you to be informed of a possible error during the initialization of a transaction through the Sips Paypages interface (POST connector).

To meet this need, we enrich the use of 2 existing parameters:

  • Notification of errors An automatic response will be sent on the URL sent via a new input field of the connector.

  • Display of the error page

A « back » button is added to the error page displayed to the user. This button triggers a redirection to the URL transmitted via a new input field of the connector. A manual response goes with this redirection.

Automatic and manual responses include the “redirectionStatusCode” and “redirectionStatusMessage” fields to specify the error encountered.

If you do not inform the URL in your request, the evolution is not applied.

Breakdowns tolerance

In the event of breakdowns of the directory servers allowing the strong authentication of the card holder, we stop soliciting them with each request. This allows us to avoid clogging our platform and switch to degraded mode of the merchant at the earliest.


  • Sips side: strengthening the stability of the platform
  • Client side: improvement of the response time in degraded mode.
  • Merchant side: improvement of the conversion rate (because of the shorter waiting time on the client side).

Corrective maintenance

Réf Appli. Defect Type Summary Priority
16669 Office / Paypage / Extranet Functional During a Sofort payment, the “Payment_mean_type” field of the Sips response is indicated with SOFORT instead of CREDIT _TRANSFER Major
20030 GUI fraude Functional Wrong saving of the fraud rules profil ; if the user saves a country rule with another country, it is not taken into account. Critical
28588 Paypage Functional Readjustment of the message in the event of a payment rejected following an anti-fraud control with a positive result (refusal of payment and no technical error) Major
28610 Merchant Management Functional Disabling the 3D Secure causes the closing of other strong authentication services potentially used (Safekey or BCMC for example). Critical
28969 Paypage Integration The customer name no longer appears on the Franfinance payment page. Major
29101 Office Batch Functional If the merchant sends in its request an invalid expiry date format (YYYYMMDD instead of YYYYMM), the batch file is not rejected when it should be, and the dates are not transcribed correctly. Authorization requests are not blocked, and consequently the transactions are refused by the acquirer. Major
29731 Office Extranet Regression Strong authentication following an invalid PARES message or an invalid PARES signature is not blocked in 3D Failure while it needs to be. Major
29765 Custompage Via Merchant Extranet Functional The GoLive Zip file does not contain the Messages.properties in the properties / messages folder. Majeur
29820 Office Functional Incorrect valuation of a CB2A query file field for Paylib payments, resulting in transactions being refused. Blocker
30194 Office Functional Payment SDD refused because the merchant does not send the customerIpAddress in his request, whereas this field is not mandatory. Major
30287 Office Regression Wrong check of 3D Secure status of the transaction for not enrolled cards due to bad « security_indicator » mapping. Major

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