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Release note 17.3

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  • CustomPages
  • SDD
  • Tokenisation

Production planning
From September 25th 2017 until October 13th 2017

New features for merchants

The new features added to the Sips 2.0 platform impact:

  • Payment means
  • Fraud
  • Regulation
  • Production

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please contact your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Payment means

Improvement of the conversion rate

In order to improve the conversion rate of Sips payments, we propose to the customer to pay with another means of payment in case of refusal.

The main characteristics of this functionality are:

  • Proposal of a new try with all the payment means proposed in the request

  • Proposal of a new try on all refused codes, except those considered as fraud

  • Limitation of the number of possible trials (configurable, 3 by default)

  • Use of a single transactionReference (or a single transactionId) for all the tries

Tool for pages customization

The web tool Sips CustomPages is a new interface:

  • Which help with the customization of Sips pages, including for merchants who are not familiar with the development of css

  • Which gives a preview rendering of Sips pages with its customization

  • Which allows the installation of customization resources in production (css, images, …)


Franfinance 3xWEB and 4xWEB

Payment means 3xWEB and 4xWEB of Franfinance are now available on the Sips 2.0 platform.

These payment solutions in 3 or 4 times by credit card offer a financing facility to the customers.

Creation of mandate using Sips Office

It is now possible to create and manage mandates via Sips Office interfaces. Thanks to this evolution, the mandate creation and payment kinematics can be separated.

You can use the mandates to make payment via Batch or via Sips Office. Mandates can also be integrated in a wallet to allow the customer to be able to use these money orders on your website to make online payments.

Bancontact / Mister Cash rebranding

In order to be compliant with Bancontact trademark modification, words ‘Mister Cash’ will be removed from the brand name and the logo will be slightly reshaped. The new brand name is now “Bancontact”.

This modification of BCMC Payment Mean’s logo and name will be applied in the pages displayed to cardholders and merchants. The new name and new logo will appear in the following Sips applications / services:

  • SOE pages
  • Walletpage pages
  • Paypage pages
  • Merchant Extranet


Anti-fraud controls and 3D Secure

It is now possible to by pass the anti-fraud controls when the client has been authenticated by 3D Secure thanks to new advanced configuration mode of the anti-fraud rules. This mode is available for the solutions GoNoGo+ and BusinessScore.


Create MOTO transactions without CVV2

Entering the CVV2 field to create a transaction via the MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) channel becomes optional according to the new Visa Europe rule of January 17th 2017 which is applicable to CB, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

The implementation of this change will be set according to the acquirer’s settings and will only apply within the framework of the CNP (card not present) through the following 2.0 interfaces:

  • Sips Office Extranet
  • Sips Office Batch


Treatment Capacity

We are increasing our BackOffice processing capability to be able to absorb transactional peaks and absorb new payment flows.


We are improving the failure resistance of our system which controls the transaction unicity by improving its degraded mode.

Registration process at Sips Office Batch

The process of activating the Sips Office Batch interface for a merchant becomes industrialized. All the elements required to start the Sips Office Batch service are now entered on the MEX portal.



Restitution of transactions in the extranet and the reports

Transactions done with a payment mean whose entry is external to Sips (Paypal, Cofidis, Cetelem, …) and rejected by an anti-fraud check are now returned in the transactions reports and the merchant extranet.

With this improvement, all transactions appear in the extranet and the transactions report, except for duplicate transaction (subject to a code 94) and pending transactions (subject to a code 60).

Tokenization by transaction reference

The Sips solution already allows tokenizing a card number. This evolution adds the possibility to tokenize the car number of an existing transaction by its reference.

Change on the getTransactionData service

The function getTransactionData makes it possible to recover information regarding a specific transaction previously set up using Sips and stored in the Sips database.

The evolution made in 17R3 will allow to have more consistency in the result obtained, and more precisely:

  • In the responseCode field will appear the result of the transaction sought (for example 05 if the transaction is refused with a code 05).
  • A new field will appear: the getTransDataResponseCode. This field will return the result of the getTransactionData operation.
  • The addition of the acquirerResponseCode field to obtain the acquirer response.

This evolution will only be effective if you use the DR_WS_2.18 interfaceVersion and beyond. Otherwise, the result of the getTransactionData will be identical to the operation of the previous versions.

Corrective maintenance

Ref. Appli. Defect Type Summary Priority
26420 Paypage Functional In test, an error occurs in case of multiple trials of 3D payment via the Simulation ACS Major
26783 Paypage Functional If the client indicates a wrong card number, PayPage does not display an error message Major
27746 Paypage Functional The “invoiceReference” field is returned empty although filled in the query sent by the merchant Major
28065 Paypage Office Functional The 3D Secure LS matrix applied is not up to date for HSBC Critical
28418 Paypage Regression Display of an error message when selecting the Accord payment mean in the One-Click Wallet Blocking
22579 Office Extranet Functional Impossible to cancel a N rank transaction, issued from a payment in several times Major

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