Privacy Policy

Privacy matters to the Worldline Group.
You are currently connected to the Worldline Sips documentation website.
Because personal data protection matters to Worldline, our website is hosted on servers located in France to ensure an appropriate level of protection to all the data that is collected and processed.

Obviously you can exercise your right of access, modification, deletion or get an electronic copy of your data. For that purpose, you can get in touch with the Group Data Protection Office at the following address:

This declaration of data protection (Privacy Policy) was published on the 19th of August 2019 and updated on the 9th of October 2019. It may be amended at any time. Please check this page on a regular basis.

Chat service
The chat service is based on technology developed by Userlike, the privacy policy of which can be found at the following address:
If you use our chat service, the personal data we collect via this service is processed:

  • by Worldline to handle queries you make within the framework of the online chat service. This processing will be carried out as set forth in our Privacy Policy

  • by Userlike, our subcontractor, technical service provider of the online chat service. This processing will be carried out as set forth in our Privacy Policy

Worldline stores the content of conversations for 18 months. At any time you can ask that the trace of your conversation be deleted prior to its automatic deleting. The content of conversations is deleted from Userlike servers on a daily basis.

Worldline takes the privacy of users very seriously and is committed to complying with the European Directive on privacy in the electronic communications sector. To do this, we have written the following statement which aims to give you all the keys to manage the cookies we collect when you visit our website.

A cookie, what is it?
Cookies are small files that are downloaded to a computer or a mobile device when the user accesses some websites. Cookies allow the website to recognise visitors and to understand how users browse various websites.
In practice, the website you visit sends information to the browser in use. The browser then creates a text file. Each time the user comes back to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends this file to the website server, which allows the latter to recognise you and offer you a browsing best suited to your needs.

Userlike cookies
Worldline wants you to enjoy your experience on our website. Worldline uses Userlike cookies in case you use the chat service.

How long are cookies active?
Cookies expire 1 year after they have been placed on the user’s computer or mobile device.

Cookie settings
If you refuse to have cookies installed on your computer or on your mobile device, you can configure your browser to restrict or reject the use of cookies. Your browser can provide you with information pertaining to the setting of cookies. In particular, you can configure your browser to alert you as soon as a visited website uses cookies. You can also configure your browser to refuse all cookies or accept some cookie types. In general terms, you can disable the cookie feature on your browser, without affecting the ergonomics of your visit on the Sips documentation website.
Please bear in mind that these settings are only valid for pages created and hosted by Worldline. When we embed links to external websites and you click on those links, you leave our website: from that moment on, the settings and policies applicable to our website no longer apply. It is up to you to read the policy pertaining to data protection and cookies on the relevant external website.
However, we would like to inform you that by setting your browser to refuse cookies, some features, pages, site areas and our chat service will not be available, and we shall not be liable for this. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that, when you object to the installation or the use of a cookie, a refusal cookie is installed on your terminal equipment. If you delete this refusal cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having refused the use of cookies. Similarly, when you agree to the installation of cookies, a consent cookie is installed. The consent or refusal cookies must remain on your terminal equipment.

To make it possible for you to easily access the cookie setting on your computer, here are a few useful links to help you properly configure the browser you use: