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PSD2 - Do I need to start 3-D Secure in big bang mode?

We advice you to launch 3-D Secure progressivly. The 3-D Secure can reduced your conversion rate (the client abandons during the payment).

How to launch the 3-D Secure?

  • When the payment pages are hosted by Sips (Sips Paypage and Walletpage) , the 3-D Secure activation applies to all the transactions. However, you can deactivate the 3-D Secure on the less risky requests thanks to the 3D bypass option .
  • When you host the payment pages (Sips Office) , implement the 3-D Secure process while executing it on the more risky transactions.

Whatever Sips integration mode you use, here are the steps we advice you to follow:

  • Apply the 3-D Secure on risky transactions only
  • Monitor your conversion rate : measure the percentage of code 97 received (the client abandons while paying)
  • If the conversion rate remains acceptable, progressively increase the 3-D Secure application until you apply it on all the transactions

Staring from March 31st 2019, if your transactions are not authenticated, you might receive “soft decline” type of answers (field acquirerResponseCode valued with A1) from the issuer.