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Lyf Pay integration

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WL Sips is a secure multi-channel e-commerce payment solution that complies with the PCI DSS standard. It allows you to accept and manage payment transactions by taking into account business rules related to your activity (payment upon shipping, deferred payment, recurring payment, payment in instalments, etc.).

The purpose of this document is to explain the CUP card by Floa Bank integration into WL Sips.

This document is intended to help you implement the CUP card by Floa Bank on your e-commerce site.

It includes:

  • functional information for you
  • implementation instructions for your technical team

To get an overview of the WL Sips solution, we advise you to consult the following documents:

  • Functional presentation
  • Functionality set-up guide

Lyf Pay is a European initiative bringing together BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Crédit Mutuel, Auchan, Mastercard, Oney and Total. This is a new means of payment allowing you to make online purchases with your smartphone.

The customer is redirected to a mobile phone number entry page before they validate the payment via the Lyf Pay smartphone application.

Note: the Lyf Pay means of payment was called Fivory until September 2017. Therefore, you will notice that the technical name used in this documentation is still "FIVORY".
Payment channels
Internet V Default payment channel
Fax X
Means of payment
Immediate payment V Default method
End-of-day payment X
Deferred payment X
Payment upon shipping V
Payment in instalments X
Subscription payment X
Batch payment X
OneClick payment X
Currency management
Multicurrency acceptance X EUR only
Currency settlement X EUR only

The customer selects the Lyf Pay means of payment.

They are then redirected to their required information entry page:


After providing the required information, the customer is redirected to the verification page for a Lyf Pay payment:


The payment ticket is displayed, then the customer returns to your website.

In order to offer the Lyf Pay means of payment on your website, you have to sign an acceptance contract with your acquiring bank. Thereafter, you transmit us the contract number for recording in our information system.

You can offer the Lyf Pay means of payment through the Sips Paypage interface which directly acts as the payment interface with customers via their web browser.

The remittance modes available for a Lyf Pay transaction are:

  • Validation mode: you must validate the transaction to trigger the remittance. A capture delay must also be defined. When this capture delay is reached or exceeded, you will not be able to validate the transaction, which will therefore expire automatically.
  • Immediate mode: the authorisation and remittance are executed online simultaneously.

The diagram below explains the different transaction statuses according to the chosen capture mode:


The payment process for Sips Paypage is described below:


The following fields have a particular behaviour:

Field name Remarks/rules
captureDay The value sent in the request must be 30 at a maximum.
A larger value will be forced to 30.
paymentPattern Tհe value sent in the request is ignored.
The payment type is forced to ONE_SHOT.

The following table summarises the different response cases to be processed:

Status Response fields Action to take
Payment accepted acquirerResponseCode = 00
authorisationId = (cf. the Data Dictionary).
You can deliver the order.
Acquirer refusal acquirerResponseCode = (cf. the Data Dictionary). The authorisation is refused for a reason unrelated to fraud.
If you have not opted for the "new payment attempt" option (please read the Functionality set-up Guide for more details), you can suggest that your customer pay with another means of payment by generating a new request.
Refusal due to the number of attempts reached responseCode = 75 The customer has made several attempts that have all failed.
Refusal due to a technical issue acquirerResponseCode = 90-98
responseCode = 90, 99
Temporary technical issue when processing the transaction. Suggest that your customer redo a payment later.

For the complete response codes (responseCode) and acquirer response codes (acquirerResponseCode), please refer to the Data dictionary.

The Lyf Pay means of payment acceptance is not available through the Sips Office solution.

The following operations are available on Lyf Pay transactions:

Cash management
Cancellation V
Validation V
Refund V
Duplication X
Recycling V
Credit X

The diagram below allows you to know which cash management operation is available when a transaction is in a given state:


When making a Lyf Pay payment, the authorisation request results in setting funds aside. This feature has several consequences on the transaction life cycle in validation mode.

Partial validation:

  • by default, a partial validation results in releasing the non-validated funds
  • if you release the funds during a partial validation, the non-validated amount will remain set aside by Lyf Pay. Therefore, you can use the remaining funds via a recycling operation or release them via a recycling operation set to €0.

The additional field below can be used in the validation request.

Field name Remarks/rules Value setting example
lastRecoveryIndicator Optional: is set to TRUE by default.
Allows you to ask Lyf Pay to release the remaining funds in case of partial validation.


  • total cancellation is authorised, resulting in the releasing of funds
  • after total cancellation, recycling is no longer possible


  • by default, partial recycling does not result in the releasing of the remaining funds
  • if you activate the releasing of funds on a partial recycling, the remaining unrecycled amount will be released by Lyf Pay:
    • special case: a recycling with an amount equal to 0 results in the releasing of all remaining funds from Lyf Pay. The newly created transaction is immediately set to a final "cancelled" status

The additional field below can be used in the recycling request.

Field name Remarks/rules Value setting example
lastRecoveryIndicator Optional: is set to FALSE by default.
Allows you to ask Lyf Pay to release the remaining funds in case of partial recycling.
In the case of a recycling set to 0, the field is mandatory and must be set to "TRUE".

Expiry: (i.e. if the transaction is neither validated nor cancelled within the time limit):

  • the funds are not automatically released when the transaction expires. Following this expiry, you have 2 options:
    • you release the funds via a recycling set to 0
    • you make a total or partial recycling of the transaction

The reports provided by WL Sips allow you to have a comprehensive and consolidated view of your transactions, cash operations, accounts and chargebacks. You can use this information to improve your information system.

The availability of Lyf Pay transactions for each type of report is summarised in the table below:

Reports availability
Transactions report V
Operations report V
Reconciliations report V
Chargebacks report X
Note: for Lyf Pay transactions, the paymentMeanBrand field is populated with the value FIVORY.

You can view your Lyf Pay transactions and perform various cash management operations with Sips Office Extranet.

Here are the details of a Lyf Pay transaction:


For the Lyf Pay means of payment, WL Sips can return any of the codes below:

Acquirer response code WL Sips response code Meaning
00 00 The transaction is accepted.
05 05 The transaction is refused.
17 17 The transaction is cancelled.
- 17 The transaction is cancelled on WL Sips
60 60 The transaction is pending.
0 90 Technical problem
97 97 Session expired
- 99 Technical problem
Attention: any response code other than those listed in the table above should be interpreted as a refusal.

In the case of a payment interruption, you will receive a response code 60. These cases are:

  • case 1: a technical error where WL Sips did not receive a response from Lyf Pay
  • case 2: a sudden interruption of the payment process (a customer who closes their browser while making the payment, network interruption...)

These are exceptional cases where the final payment result is not immediately known.

In both cases, after 20 minutes you will receive an automatic response from WL Sips that will contain the final code of the transaction:

  • response code 00: the transaction is accepted
  • response code 90: the transaction is declined

You can handle these interruption cases as follows:

  • case 1: the customer is redirected to your website and you receive a manual and automatic response with a code 60. You can then display a generic message to your customer and wait for the second automatic response (after 20 minutes) to decide on the final status of the payment
  • case 2: the customer is not redirected to your website and there is no immediate response. After 20 minutes you will receive the automatic response with the final result

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