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DCC integration

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WL Sips is a secure multi-channel e-commerce payment solution that complies with the PCI DSS standard. It allows you to accept and manage payment transactions by taking into account business rules related to your activity (payment upon shipping, deferred payment, recurring payment, payment in instalments, etc.).

The purpose of this document is to explain the dynamic currency conversion (DCC) functionality integration into WL Sips.

This document is intended to help you implement the dynamic currency conversion (DCC) functionality on your e-commerce site.

It includes:

  • functional information for you
  • implementation instructions for your technical team

To get an overview of the WL Sips solution, we advise you to consult the following documents:

  • Functional presentation
  • Functionality set-up guide

The dynamic currency conversion is a financial service that allows credit cardholders to benefit from the cost conversion of their transaction into their national currency when making a payment abroad.

This feature is currently available only for the Visa and MasterCard networks.

The DCC system is not a payment method. Therefore, it is not necessary to set up a new payment method. The transaction amount conversion in the customer's currency is made by the exchange office service provider Fexc.

The payment will be made in the currency of your customer or in euros.

Payment channels
Internet V Default payment channel
Fax X
Means of payment
Immediate payment X
End-of-day payment V
Deferred payment X
Payment upon shipping X
Payment in instalments X
Subscription payment X
Batch payment X
OneClick payment V
Currency management
Multicurrency acceptance V The acquirer is responsible for the accepted currency.
Currency settlement V The acquirer is responsible for the accepted currency.




The payments are made by the acquirer, according to the methods you will define. In principle, the collection is made at night (from 10 pm, CET DST) by exchanging of files with the acquirer.

In order to offer the dynamic currency conversion, you must contact your acquirer who will tell you the contractual agreements of his DCC offer.

You can offer the dynamic currency conversion through the Sips Paypage interface.

The remittance mode available for a DCC transaction is the cancellation.

The diagram below explains the different transaction statuses according to the chosen capture mode:


The dynamic currency conversion for Sips Paypage is described below:


Step Description
1 You have initialised a payment session and redirected the customer to the payment method selection page. The customer selects Visa or MasterCard as the payment method and is redirected to a page where he can enter his credit card details.
2 WL Sips inquires his platform to determine if the cardholder currency is different from the merchant currency.
3 If currencies are different, WL Sips informs the customer that a conversion of the shopping amount is available and describes the conditions. The customer can choose his currency or not.
4 If the card has the 3-D Secure feature, the customer is redirected to his/her bank's 3-D Secure authentication pages. The customer is invited to authenticate himself by his bank.
5 The customer is redirected to WL Sips Payment pages. WL Sips is informed of the 3-D Secure authentication result.
6 The authorisation request (possibly accompanied by the 3-D Secure information) is sent to the acquirer and an electronic receipt is displayed on the customer's screen.
7 The customer is invited to navigate back to the merchant website.

The following fields are characterised by a specific behaviour:

Field name Notes/rules Sample field population
bypassDcc Please consult the data dictionary for more information. Y
currencyCode Enter your base currency code (the currency in which you are usually paid). For a complete list of currency codes, please view the data dictionary. 978

The following fields are characterised by a specific behaviour:

Field name Notes/Rules Setting example
dccStatus Please view the data dictionary for more information. 01 - Rejected by the cardholder
dccResponseCode Please view the data dictionary for more information. 00 – Successful operation
dccAmount Final transaction amount in the cardholder’s currency. 2000
dccCurrency Cardholder’s currency 840
dccExchangeRate 2
dccRateValidity 2014-01-29T07:27:43-12:00

The dynamic currency conversion acceptance is not available through the Sips Office solution.

The following operations are available on DCC transactions:

Cash management
Cancellation V Available only for a total amount.
Validation X
Refund V Available only for a total amount and in the merchant's currency.
Duplication X

The diagram below allows you to know which cash management operation is available when a transaction is in a given state:


The reports provided by WL Sips allow you to consolidate your system.

The DCC transactions availability for each type of report is summarised in the table below:

Reports availability
Transactions report V
Operations report V
Reconciliations report V
Chargebacks report X
Sips Office Extranet V

You can view your DCC transactions details and perform various cash management operations with Sips Office Extranet.

  • the DCC status of the transaction:

    • not offered, the transaction does not meet the application criteria (for example, the card is outside of the Visa/MasterCard scope).
    • not applicable, the transaction is not acceptable (for example, the currency is not supported by the DCC provider).
    • proposed but refused by the cardholder.
    • accepted
  • the DCC provider response
  • the DCC amount (in the cardholder currency)
  • the DCC currency code
  • the exchange rate applied to the transaction
  • the deadline for applying the exchange rate.

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